Improving pedestrian safety in the city of Astoria has been a hot topic for some months now with City Public Works and the Oregon Department of Transportation working to improve traffic and pedestrian safety throughout the city with some of those improvements planned to be in place by next month.  According to a city news release Monday, this effort has focused primarily on the side of pedestrian safety enhancements and looking for the money to pay for those upgrades.   Monday the City Council announced that ODOT has alotted $450,000 to the project which will be applied to improve the downtown traffic signals.  That will include the installation of countdown pedestrian signals, an upgrade for signal controllers and enhancements that allow for future upgrades and flexibility.  The funding will be available in 2016.

In addition, city staff worked with ODOT to review and enhance crosswalks on the state highway from Portway to 45th street.  Those improvements will begin right away with a ODOT quick-fix grant and should be completed by early September of this year.

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