The council plans to spend a half hour talking about the recent trip that sent the entire city council to visit sister city Waldorf, Germany.  At the last council meeting August 5th the Mayor indicated that the public would be invited to ask questions about the trip. The meeting begins ahead of the regular council meeting at 6:30pm and will be devoted to the trip discussion.  There were some questions that surfaced as the group was in Germany regarding how much the city spent, where the money came from, questioning if buying plane tickets was the most effective use of those thousands of dollars that are usually devoted to the Promote Astoria Fund, to name just a few.  The Mayor has stressed that the trip was very important for Astoria and council members pointed to the historic importance of Astoria's involvement in the sister city relationship with the city in Germany. It was also said that Waldorf has been a contributor to several Astoria projects over the years.


At the regular council meeting set to begin at 7:00pm the city will consider approving the plan to cap the old city dump that will see a new athletic facility built on top of a complex system designed to vent methane and prevent rainwater from leaching pollutants into the environment. The plan includes draws of that new facility giving the public it's first chance to see what is being planned to replace the high school football field on Exchange street downtown.  The council will consider approving an ordiance designed to simplify the review process for historic home owners wishing to make simple changes and establish a three tiered review process. 


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