Police responded to an address in Hammond Tuesday shortly after 2:00pm where a man was said to have barricaded himself in a house with a gun.  Warrenton Police Chief Matthew Workman informed KAST News that the house had numerous firearms inside.  Authorities originally called to the scene after a call from the Parole and Probation office about a possible parole violation.

30-year-old Michell Simonsen was arrested after peacefully surrendering Tuesday afternoon.  Simonsen told police he did not want to go to jail on an empty stomach and wanted time to finish his pizza.  Simonsen spent over an hour inside the house as polcie waited at a standstill surrounding the house.

 No shots were fired in the incident.  Cheif Workman said that while police were on the scene, Simonsen did not carry a firearm in the house.  On the scene included the Oregon State Police, Warrenton Police Department, Clatsop County Sheriff's Office as well as Warrenton Fire Department and Medix on standby.  The events unfolded near the corner of Third Street and Tyee.

Simonsen was described as highly-agitated at the scene by someone familiar with the events.  Updates posted on our facebook as well.

Updated information from the Warrenton Police Department:

At 1:49pm WPD officers were sent to 1912 6th Ave in Hammond to assist a Parole And Probation Officer who had a detainer for 30-year old Mitchell Simonsen. Simonsen was not at the location so officers left to check another location in Hammond.

After the officers left Simonsen returned to 1912 6th Ave. Officers returned to the house and received information that Simonsen was possibly suicidal and had access to numerous firearms in the house.

Officers from the Clatsop County Sheriffs office, Oregon State Police, and the United States Coast Guard set up a perimeter around the house and started a dialogue with Simonsen. Both officers and family members spoke to Simonsen who eventually surrendered to officers without incident.

At this time Simonsen was taken to the Clatsop County Jail on the Probation detainer.

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