An FBI Spokesman said that killer Israel Keyes has admitted to killing his first victim in Oregon. Based upon the investigation conducted following his arrest in March 2012, Israel Keyes is believed to have committed multiple kidnappings and murders across the country between 2001 and March 2012.

Keyes lived in Washington from 2001 to March 2007, at which time he moved to Alaska. While living in Alaska, Keyes traveled extensively while working as a general contractor. In a series of interviews with law enforcement, Keyes described significant planning and preparation for his murders, reflecting a meticulous and organized approach to his crimes.


Keyes admitted responsibility for robbing several banks during this time frame, two of which investigators have corroborated.  Keyes used the proceeds from his bank robberies to pay for his travel, along with money he made as a general contractor.  Keyes also admitted to traveling to various locations to leave supplies he planned to use in future crimes. Keyes stated he buried caches throughout the United States. The FBI recovered two caches buried by Keyes - one in Eagle River, Alaska and one near Blakes Falls Reservoir in New York. The caches contained weapons and other items used to dispose of bodies. Keyes indicated the other caches he buried throughout the U.S. contain weapons, money, and items used to dispose of victims.

Investigators believe Keyes did not know any of his victims prior to their abductions.  He described several remote locations that he frequented to look for victims - parks, campgrounds, trailheads, cemeteries, boating areas, etc.  Keyes also admitted to frequenting prostitutes during his travels and it is unknown at this time if he met any of his victims in this manner. Keyes indicated the victims are male and female and range in age from late teens to the elderly.  Keyes told investigators prior to the murder of Bill and Lorraine Currier in Vermont, his victims' disappearance received little if any media coverage.  Investigators believe Keyes is responsible for eleven homicides.  Keyes stated his murders occurred in less than 10 states but did not disclose all of the locations. Keyes described crossing into multiple states during the abduction, murder, and disposal of a victim. It is not unlikely that in some cases Keyes abducted a victim from one state, transported the victim to another state where he or she was murdered, and potentially drove the victim to a third state to dispose of the body. Keyes admitted to burglarizing 20 to 30 homes throughout the United States and talked about committing arson as a means to cover up a homicide.

The following is a timeline that articulates the information provided by Keyes and known to law enforcement about Keyes' criminal activities. It also includes travel dates/locations investigators believe Keyes may have committed a homicide:

Summer 1997 or Summer 1998:  Keyes stated he abducted a female in the late afternoon or early evening while she and friends were tubing on the Deschutes River. Keyes sexually assaulted the female. He let her go and sent her on her tube back down the river.  The victim in this case was between 14 and 18 years old. Investigators do not believe this sexual assault was reported to law enforcement. Keyes was living in Maupin, Oregon, at the time and the abduction location is believed to be near Maupin.

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