Clatsop Community College proudly announces that all 2013 Nursing Program graduates passed the National Council Licensing Exam (NCLEX) on their first attempt. This exam is sanctioned by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing and represents the final hurdle towards RN licensure. The exam measures competencies needed to perform safely and effectively as an entry level nurse and permits the Oregon State Board of Nursing to license those who pass as Registered Nurses.

This achievement also reflects the unparalleled quality of the CCC Nursing program. The Oregon State Board of Nursing requires that programs result in an 85% first-time pass rate over two years. The CCC program regularly exceeds this standard, and has recorded a 100% first-time pass rate in five of the past six years.

"Many faculty and staff here at the college contribute to the success of our nursing program and the students' success is celebrated by all of us.  We are also thankful for our wonderful clinical and community partners that contribute to this success.  We are indebted to them all. Licensure as a registered nurse is the final hurdle for these graduates," says Laurie Choate, CCC Dean of Nursing, Allied Health and Education.

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