Tuesday, May 31, 2016

During the week of July 29, 2013 the Astoria Police Department will be conducting a focused Pedestrian Safety Enforcement in Astoria.  During this focused enforcement the officers involved will be stopping and contacting drivers who are violating Oregon's vehicle and pedestrian safety laws.  Though officers involved in this enforcement effort will be focused on the pedestrian laws, they will also be contacting drivers who commit other traffic violations.


This is the first of at least three pedestrian safety enforcements that the Astoria Police Department will be conducting this summer.  These focused enforcements  will be paid for with grant money given to the Astoria Police Department by Oregon Walks.

The goal of these enforcement efforts is to raise awareness regarding Oregon's vehicle and pedestrian laws.  Additionally, we hope that through these enforcements efforts and public education we will reduce the number of vehicle/pedestrian crashes and injuries that occur in our local area.

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