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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Eagle Country 103.9

There will be two chances for you to win tickets to the 2013 Oregon Jamboree in Sweet Home Oregon!

1st chance to win:

Come sign up at the Eagle tent before 5pm on Wednesday July 31st and come back 5pm to see if we draw your name out. Two lucky listeners will compete in a fun contest to win a pair of tickets to the Jamboree.  We will be playing a game where 2 contestants race to the finish of our 'minute to win it' type of relay.

First, you will put on an article of clothing from a bag of clothes provided by us. Then run over and catch a water balloon and set it in the bucket. Then back to the bag of clothes. Repeat until all items are on you and you have put all the water balloons into the bucket.

2nd chance to win:

Register to win at the Eagle Tent and winner will be drawn during the 2013 Eagle Country Talent show at the fairgrounds!

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