Saturday, May 28, 2016

The Seaside City Council has taken the first steps to control outdoor lighting in the town with the introduction of a new ordinance that sets out some rules designed to reduce the incidence of lighting nuisances.  Many cities have these ordinances on the books that spell out guidelines for the types of lighting allowed and steps that can be taken to declare a nuisance in the case of outdoor lighting that is found to be a problem for neighbors.  the ordinance would require exterior lights to have translucent covers to eliminate glare or shielding that prevents direct light from shining on other people's property.

Lights from lasers or high intensity lights would be prohibited.  Outdoor fixtures installed before the ordinance's effective date would be allowed, but if they are directed onto other properties, they could be declared a nuisance.  Among the exemptions are holiday decorations, if the lights are less than 15 watts.  The council unanimously agreed Monday to the first steps toward approval and expects to take a final vote Aug. 5.

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