Investigators in the Warrenton fire at Pacific Coast Seafoods plant believe that fire was caused by the use of a torch on the roof. The torch was being used to seal newly installed vents on the roof. The Warrenton Fire Department released those findings about the June 4th fire.


According to investigators, the cause of the fire at Pacific Coast Seafoods Co. in Warrenton on June 4th was maintenance being done on the roof of the facility. Pacific Coast Seafoods Co had installed several new vents in the roof of the plant and was having several leaks repaired. The vents were being sealed using a propane torch to apply a "torch down" material around them. This heating ignited the underside of the roof and burned in the void space for as long as an hour before being noticed.



"With the fire investigation behind us, we are reflecting on what we've accomplished in the past month and looking to the future. Despite the loss of the Warrenton facility, we have had zero disruption in our supply thanks to the tireless work and dedication from our team members, our fisherman and the community. It has been a truly impressive show of what can be accomplished as a unified team through hard work and commitment.

Out of this tragedy, we see great opportunity to start from a clean slate and develop a new state-of-the-art facility that is second to none. Not only will we rebuild, but we will also expand to provide even more service to our customers and jobs for our community. We are still awaiting a final estimate of damage and report from the insurance company, and upon its completion, we can begin announcing our specific plans for rebuilding."



The investigation into the fire, which destroyed the processing facility on Skipanon Drive, involved the State Fire Marshal, Oregon State Police, Clatsop County Fire Investigation Team, Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, and insurance investigators from Case Forensics.

The two alarm fire sent a thick column of black smoke seen within miles of the area. There were no injuries as a result of the fire at the plant which employed about 130 people.

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