Following a successful fundraising event sponsored by Mayor
Willis L. Van Dusen at the home of Jordan Schnitzer in June, all funds required to
complete the Garden of Surging Waves project in downtown Astoria have been
secured. Donors at the event included project supporters from Astoria and around
the region.
In reaching this goal, the Astoria City Council voted at its July 1 meeting to approve
a contract amendment with Robinson Construction that effectively provides
authorization to proceed with remaining construction sequences (three of the four
sequences outlined). Previously, funding had been secured and a contract awarded
for the first construction sequence only.
The fundraising event, hosted at the Schnitzer home, attracted commitments of over
$430,000, and closed the gap on the balance needed to complete the project.
"I am proud of the support we've received for the Garden of Surging Waves—from
our own community, from our friends in the Pacific Northwest region, and from
people around the world including China, Germany, Eastern Europe and around the
world. Astorians are anxious to see this project completed and for Astoria's Chinese
heritage to be a prominent feature of our city and our history," Mayor Van Dusen
Weather permitting, construction of the Garden of Surging Waves will be completed
in the fall of 2013. Total contracted construction cost is just under $1.4 million.

Northwest Lending Group