The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is seeking public comment on a permit that would allow the City Of Warrenton to replace the aging piles and docks at the city marina with an entirely new moorage system and dredge out the basin.

 Under the plan the city would remove 173 wood piles and fourty-one steel piles along with 295 moorage slips for recreational boats and an additional 49 commercial boat slips.   The moorage would be replaced with 206 recreational and 60 commercial translucent-steel slips, manufactured off-site, off-loaded by crane, and partially assembled on the water, with two new translucent gangways.  Steel piles (200 steel piles) would be driven with a vibratory hammer.  Project is proposed in phases to meet the in-water-work window during November through February.  Phase 1 would upgrade moorage infrastructure, Phase 2 includes dredging, and Phase 3 and possibly Phase 4 would complete the project. 


The permit summary and contact information for written comments can be viewed HERE.

The plan calls for the removal of 45,000 square yards of dredge material for flow lane disposal and reuse or safe disposal of the old pilings.

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