Warrenton City Commissioner Henry Balensifer was transported by ambulance to Astoria's Columbia Memorial Hospital emergency room Friday night.  Balensifer collapsed, experiencing chest pains and having a seizure.  He was stabilized en-route to the hospital but experienced more seizures when arriving at the emergency room.  He experienced a total of 3 seizures in 5 hours.


Balensifer is recovering at home and tells KAST news doctors are conducting tests in order to pin down the cause.  Sleep deprivation, stress and a bad reaction to an antibiotic are thought to have contributed to his condition.

Balensifer told KAST News that nothing indicates a chronic condition.  He did experience slight slurring of his speech and some forgetfulness.  He is reportedly in good condition resting at home.  Balensifer thanked family and friends on his twitter for all their support.

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