Between May 20 and June 2 extra law enforcement patrolled Pacific County roads looking for unbuckled drivers and passengers, and motorists using their cell phones or other electronic devices.

During these patrols, six seatbelt infractions were written. Last year, in Pacific County, during this same time period, officers on extra patrols wrote two seat belt infractions and one cell phone violation.

In addition, one felony drug arrest was made, and eight speeding tickets, and two suspended/revoked license violations were issued this year.

Statewide, during the patrols, law enforcement officers wrote 2,321 seatbelt violations and 1,448 cell phone/ texting tickets. Last year, during this same time period, officers on the extra patrols statewide issued 3,171 seat belt violations and 1,059 cell phone violations were written.

The Pacific County Target Zero Task Force, law enforcement from Pacific County, with more than 130 police and sheriff agencies statewide worked the extra patrols, funded by a grant from the Washington Traffic Safety Commission.

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