The contractor, Tapani, will continue working on 8th St between Commercial and Franklin. The first lift of paving on 8th St is scheduled for Tuesday and will include the area from Commercial to the south side of Duane. Concrete sidewalks and intersection corners will continue to be installed along 8th St between Duane and Exchange. Sewer and storm pipe will be installed between Exchange and Franklin.


On 10th St, the storm pipe installation is essentially finished, so work on curbs and intersection corner ramps will continue. Trench paving on 10th St is scheduled to occur this week.

Street restoration of 9th St at Marine Dr is expected to occur this week as the pipe bursting operation is finished. The pipe slip-lining from north of Astor St to the Columbia River is scheduled for early this week.

Tapani has provided the following schedule of anticipated work for the week:

Construction on 8th St between Commercial and Franklin. 8th St will be closed to through traffic in this area. It may be possible to open 8th St from Commercial to Duane by the end of this week.  8th St and Exchange intersection will remain closed through this week.  8th St and Franklin intersection is now closed and will be for several weeks.10th St is scheduled to be closed to through traffic from Grand to Kensington until the trench patch is installed next week. The east-west intersections in this area should be primarily open.Construction on 11th St from Franklin to Irving will continue next week. There will be intermittent street and intersection closures in this area while construction is underway.Slip-lining operation on 9th St is scheduled to happen on Monday.

Next week, Tapani will continue to work their typical schedule of Monday through Thursday (10 hour days).

Northwest Lending Group