The state investigation into Tuesday's fire at the Pacific Coast Seafood plant in Warrenton is now complete.  The official conclusion of the cause and exact origin of the fire is officially undetermined.  In a conversation with KAST News, the State Fire Marshall Rich Hoover said that the investigation revealed there was neither criminal activity nor any use of incendiary device.

The investigation consisted of two days of on-scene investigators and interviews with witnesses.  The investigation was conducted by the State Fire Marshall office, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), the State Police, the Clatsop County Fire Investigation Team and an additional Fire Marshall from Seaside.  The involvement of those agencies in the investigation is now concluded.


The scene of the fire has now been turned over to Pacific Seafood's insurance company  Wells Fargo Insurance.  The insurance company hired a hazmat team which removed a precarious tank of anhydrous ammonia Thursday afternoon.  The tank was cautiously removed by crane and the tank emerged entirely black.  The Warrenton Fire Department was on standby during the tank removal.  There are said to be several other similar tanks within the remnants of the facility but those tanks are said to be in stable condition.

(Image:  Hazmat crews cautiously remove anhydrous ammonia tank by crane Thursday at site of Pacific Coast Seafod fire)


According to the Office of State Fire Marshal, the cause of the fire at Pacific Coast Seafoods Co. in Warrenton Tuesday, June 4 remains undetermined.

The investigation into the fire, which destroyed the processing facility on Skipanon Drive, involved the State Fire Marshal, Oregon State Police, Clatsop County Fire Investigation Team, federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, and Seaside Fire Department fire marshal.

The two-day investigation found no evidence that the cause of the fire was incendiary in nature or due to any criminal act.

The fire scene has been turned over to Pacific Seafoods and its insurance company, Wells Fargo Insurance, to conduct their own investigation.



Audio:  State Fire Marshall Rich Hoover


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