On June 6, 2013 at 5:05 AM Astoria Police responded to a report from the area of 30th and Grand. Neighbors had seen two people, dressed in dark clothing, carrying something heavy down a trail that runs from 29th and Grand to 29th and Marine. They responded to the area and found two neighbors in the area who were confronting the owner of 2963 Marine Drive saying they had seen his son, Blake Buckman, age 30 of Astoria, carrying the boat motor that they were standing around. Blake Buckman, and another subject who police have not yet located, flee out the back of the house up the hill toward Grand. They were gone prior to Police arrival. Police recovered the boat motor and began trying to locate where it had been taken from.


In the area of 3061 Grand Ave Officer Sisley located a guide boat that was being hooked up to at the time he arrived. The owner, Joseph Salvey had just realized that his kicker motor had been stolen. The kicker motor was valued at $6,500. Because all of the lines to it had been cut he estimated there was about $500 damage . As Officer Sysley was talking to the victim a report from one of the original callers indicated that one of the suspects was walking up 30th from Grand to Exchange. Officer Sisley drove to 30th and Harrison where he confronted the second suspect. After looking at him, the suspect ran south on the road and then trail from Harrison toward Irving . Officer Sisley gave chase but lost the suspect at the top of the trail.

Shortly after loosing sight of the second suspect Officer Sisley heard a commotion at 2991 Irving and contacted the resident who had been awakened by the second suspect in his back yard. He pointed out where he had entered the forest behind his house. After a short attempt to find the second suspect K-9 support was requested from the Clatsop County Sheriff's Office. The K-9 responded and tracked suspect 2 for some time.

While they were tracking Suspect 2 officers had been working on locating Buckman as well. As the trail grew cold on Suspect 2 officers got reliable information on the location of Buckman. They responded to the lower parking area of Annie's The owner of Annie's gave consent to get into the basement of the building but they discovered that Buckman was actually in an overgrown lot next door. He was pulled out of the heavy grass and taken into custody without incident. Buckman also had a felony warrant for his arrest for violating his Post Prison Supervision. Buckman was lodged at the Clatsop County Jail.

Astoria Police Continue the search for Suspect 2 who they have identified. Astoria Police also want to thank all of the neighbors who were vigilant in helping to monitor their neighborhood. It is only with the help of the community that crimes like this are solved.

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