Astoria City Councilor Karen Mellin lauds the Oregon Film Museum and encourages others to visit after she saw it for the first time Sunday. "It was fantastic", said Mellin.  The museum is operated by the Clatsop County Historical Society and is a big hit with fans, some of whom spend a considerable amount of time there making their own versions of famous Oregon motion pictures. Google search has confused things a bit though.

 The Oregon Film Museum home is inside the Historic Old Clatsop County jail located just behind the County Courthouse. Astoria Mayor Van Dusen commented at the Monday council meeting that he looked up the Oregon Film Museum on Google and he thought it was funny that the picture Google choose to show on the search results page is actually the current Clatsop County jail and not the old jail where the Museum is in residence.  The building is famous worldwide for it's use in the classic film "The Goonies" shot in Astoria in the early 80's.  The museum features a lot of memorabilia from Goonies and items associated with a few other films shot in Oregon.  The big hit there though is the film maker studio with three different sets complete with green screen backgrounds, digital cameras that can be remotely controlled, and teleprompters that feed participants the lines from several different scenes taken from Oregon made movies.  Fans have also donated lots of different props and costume pieces that can be used as well. After shooting the scenes participants can move into the production studio and edit their film after which the movie is rendered and uploaded to the museum website and an email link is sent to the person who made it so it can be shared with friends and family.



The Oregon Film Museum should get a quite a workout this weekend as Goonies movie fans come to Astoria for "Goonies Day" which falls on June 7th but is celebrated throughout the weekend with special events like a trivia scavenger hunt, a try for making a record with the largest number of people to ever attempt the "Truffle Shuffle" as depicted in the film, and a tour of the Astoria house where the film was shot usually just called "The Goonie House" by fans.  For more information on Goonie Day events contact the Astoria/Warrenton Chamber of Commerce at (800)-875-6807

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