The sport halibut fishing season is well underway and the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife reports there is plenty of opportunity out there for fishermen. For the Columbia Sub Area Fishery there has been a total of 2,385 pounds landed. This leaves 7,131 pounds (75%) of the spring quota remaining. Average weight so far this season is 17 pounds. This fishery is open every Friday-Sunday.  For the central Coast Sub Area through the May 16-18 opener, the total harvest is 50,941 lbs. This leaves 70,006 lbs. or 58% of the spring all-depth quota remaining. After this weekend (May 30-June 1) there is one set of "fixed dates" remaining-- June 6-8. The all-depth fishery will be open June 6-8. The average weight from the all-depth fishery so far this season has been approximately 16 lbs.  For the Near Shore Area landings from the opening May 23-25 were 364 lbs. Through May 26, total harvest is 1,139 lbs., leaving 21,899 lbs. or 95% of the nearshore quota remaining. The average weight from the nearshore fishery, so far this season has been 19 lbs.

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