Almost three decades ago Astoria played host to a movie crew producing what would become a worldwide cult favorite.  Goonies Day is coming.

 On the 25th anniversary of the Steven Spielberg classic "The Goonies" and Mayor Willis Van Dusen declared June 7th each year as 'Goonies Day" recognizing the impact of the film on local tourism as fans pour into the area each summer hunting for the house where the film was made and the old Clatsop County jail turned Oregon Film Museum that was featured in the opening jailbreak scene in the the film.


The Astoria/Warrenton Area Chamber of Commerce heads up the annual festivities in cooperation with the Oregon Film Museum which is "Goonies Central" in Astoria.  The Oregon Film Museum is the brainchild of Clatsop County Historical Society Executive Director Mac Burns and he has filled the old jail cells with all kinds of Goonies movie memorabilia including some of the original costumes and props from the film.  The other half of the building contains three film sets where patrons have fun making their own version of hit major motion pictures made in Oregon complete with set pieces, cameras, and green screens where various backgrounds can be used during filming. Those who love the new museum have been generous in donating props and pieces of costuming to help complete the effect.

For this years edition of the annual Goonies Day there will be a "Rich Stuff" Scavenger Contest, the owners of the home where the film was shot will open it for fans to actually step inside, Mick Alderman will talk about his book "Three Days With The Goonies" where he recounts his experience when he was invited by the Director, Richard Donner, to observe the film-making process close-up. 

The Chamber also invites the public to "Join with other fans of the film and help us create a record for the most people doing the TRUFFLE SHUFFLE together as a group in Astoria!  This event will take place at 5pm, on Friday, June 7, at Warren Field.  Warren Field is the Astoria High School football field seen in the film."

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