Callers this morning on KAST's live local talk show "Coastwatch Call-in" told host Tom Freel that the Port of Astoria has to get focused on the nuts and bolts of the operation and make financial statements including profit and loss statements readily available to the public and spend less time attacking each other.


Former Clatsop County Commissioner Anne Samuelson was one of the those callers Thursday morning who commented on the impact bickering can have. "The Port is a Global business" she stated, "There is a great deal of damage done to the reputation of the organization when we have all this infighting".  Samuelson was responding to the latest incident at the Port Commission meeting that Daily Astorian reporter Edward Stratton described as "an ugly scene" when commissioner Larry Pfund's wife spoke during public comment defending her husband against Port Commissioner Floyd Holcom as Holcom questioned some ethical issues regarding Pfund's reimbursements for travel expenses.

Commissioner Pfund called in to say that all the documents are available regarding his expenditures and that he did nothing wrong.  An earlier caller had complained that the Port doesn't make a simple profit and loss statement available to the public. Pfund responded that the Port financials are available on the website but that he had not personally looked at them and didn't know exactly what might be posted there.  Pfund told Freel " We talked last week and I told you then I wasn't looking forward to winning that election and in a way I'm glad I'm out of it".

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