Wednesday at 10:58 AM Astoria Police responded to the area of Marine Drive and 32rd. The initial report was a pedestrian versus vehicle crash. Astoria Police arrived and found that the crash involved a pedestrian who was confined to a motorized wheel chair and a 2008 Scion xB. The Scion xB was operated by Debra Wolf, Age 57, Astoria. The wheelchair bound pedestrian was identified as Roberta Morgan, age 58, of Astoria.


As a result of the investigation Astoria Police determined that the XB had approached the intersection from the north and stopped waiting to make a right hand turn onto Marine Drive. While the vehicle was stopped the motorized wheelchair exited the curb and struck the side of the scion.

It did not appear that Morgan slowed prior to exiting the sidewalk and entering the roadway. No citations have been issued. Morgan was transported to CMH by Medix Ambulance for treatment of non-life threatening injuries.

"This crash serves as a lesson that both parties involved in the pedestrian/vehicle interaction need to be mindful of safety," said Deputy Chief Brad Johnston. "Each of us on the roadway should be asking ourselves what is important now. By asking this question and being mindful of the critical thing in front of us we can help reduce our distractions. Whether we be bicyclists, pedestrians or drivers."

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