They overcame obstacles and made tough choices, helped citizens in need, and inspired others to do well.  The Clatsop County Commission on Children and Families honored young citizens Tuesday, May 21 at the 26th Annual Youth Recognition Awards banquet at the Holiday Inn Express in Astoria.


The awards recognize local youth who have either overcome personal challenges to achieve success, or who have significantly improved the quality of life in the community through some form of service.

Awards were also given out to adults who have made a difference in young people's lives as "Asset Builders."

Among the accomplishments for which the award-winners were honored are: organizing fundraisers to cover students' shop-class fees and other expenses; caring for ill family members; forming a girls' support group; creating a drug-awareness program; and offering students' perspectives at informational meetings for the proposed School-Based Health Center project.

"It gives such hope and inspiration to hear about these kids who are our future," Clatsop County Juvenile Director Janet Evans said.

Commission on the Children and Families members Kimberley Chaput, Marcia Fenske, Aaron Glasser, Scott Lee, Katrina Morrell-Gasser and Cliff Watt were also honored for their service on the board. The commission is being phased out as the State of Oregon transitions to the new Early Learning Council program.

Youth Recognition Awards recipients:

Chrissy Alexander, Lainnie Alexander, Adam Buchanan and Corey Pritchard – nominated by Carly Scheik

Alejandra Espinoza – nominated by Lynn Jackson

Emily Jenkins – nominated by Kerry Strickland

Jennifer Mandujano and Julietta Mandujano – nominated by Darla Rush

Summer Markham – nominated by Tina Hess

Josh McConnell – nominated by Dan Foss

Kiera Olson – nominated by Venus Fromwiller

Chelsea Palmerton – nominated by Katie Beck

Spencer Percey and Taylor Williamson – nominated by Ian O'Brien

Karla Suarez – nominated by Kendra Gohl

Asset Builder of the Year recipients:

David Curl – nominated by Mariah Holt

Lisa Graham – nominated by Brent Newberry and Desiree Newberry

Dave Heibert – nominated by Kayla Conrad

Missy Johnson – nominated by Julietta Mandujano and Faith McGregor

Darla Rush – nominated by Jennifer Mandujano

Maggie Shumaker – nominated by Maddie Sutton

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