Clatsop County's seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was 7.1 percent in April, essentially the same as the previous month
(7.2%), but lower than the year before (7.9%).

It was lower than the statewide rate (8.0%) and about the same as the national rate (7.5%).  Total employment in the county increased by
236 from the previous month to 18,118.

The estimated number of unemployed people fell by 163 to 1,392. The number of unemployed this April was 216 fewer than one year before and
616 fewer people were employed, yielding a total drop in the labor force of 832.

Seasonally adjusted nonfarm payroll employment fell by 150 in April to 16,590. Seasonally adjusted
figures compare expected changes with actual changes. A gain of 350 jobs is normal for the month,
but the county added only 200. The private sector gained 250 jobs and government employment
dropped by 50. Food manufacturing added 40 jobs, but transportation, warehousing and utilities
shed 60. Leisure and hospitality added 230 jobs.
April's total nonfarm payroll employment was 180 less than its level last year. Food manufacturing
cut 100 jobs over the year and retail trade shed 190. Leisure and hospitality added 140 jobs over the
Effective with today's release of April preliminary data, the Oregon Employment Department is revising
recent nonfarm payroll employment estimates once every three months, using employment counts from
employer tax records. Formerly, the data were revised annually.
For example, for the employment data released on May 20th, tax records data for the months of
October, November and December 2012 were used to make the industry employment counts. The
January through April 2013 estimates were based primarily on a survey of sampled businesses.

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