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Friday, March 27, 2015

The Astoria Downtown Historic District Association(ADHDA) is moving forward with a plan to hire an Executive Director.  The grassroots business organization has been making do with minimal staff and depending on board members to do most of the legwork.  The job is detailed on the ADHDA website and June 7 is the application deadline.

ADHDA has seen a resurgence in membership and general interest in the community following coverage of the work of downtown consultant Michele Reeves.  As part of her recomendations Reeves suggested that the ADHDA board look at hiring someone to take over the day-to-day operation of the organization and assist with the work of various committees within the organization.  The new director would become the face of ADHDA representing the organization before other organizations, government, and the media while working to fullfil goals and objectives set out by the board.  Strategic planning will be a major part of the job.  The new director will have to design and impliment specific strategies to help keep projects on track and encourage membership growth and participation.  Overseeing the downtown participation in the Oregon Mainstreet Program will be a big part of the job working with the program coordinator responsible for following up on the reccomendations made by Michele Reeves in her final report.

The job description contains some very specific duties dealing with encouraging committees to meet on a regular basis and that those meetings be recorded.  The new director can't be the shy, retiring sort as the board will require this person to do a great deal of community outreach and make substantial improvements in communicating what the ADHDA is doing and what it hopes to achieve.

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