Saturday, May 28, 2016

Governor Kitzhaber has signed and returned a proclamation declaring May 19-25 as Oregon Parenting Education Week. Being a parent is the most important and rewarding job you will ever have, yet it comes with many challenges.   Parenting can be made easier by knowing the developmental stages of your child and seeking support from parenting programs within your community. Positive parenting includes nurturing, protecting, and guiding your child through all stages and challenges.

In honor of Oregon Parenting Education Week the Northwest Parenting HUB, a partnership with Clatsop and Columbia counties, would like to share a few ways you can positively influence your child:

·   Talk often with your children about issues that affect them.

·   Listen carefully as your children communicate with you.

·   Say "yes" and "I love you" as often as you say "no" and "don't."

·   Ensure a safe, orderly and predictable environment.

·   Set limits on their behavior and discipline them calmly not harshly.

·   Learn about each stage of your child's development so you can respond to their needs and behaviors appropriately.

The Northwest Parenting HUB is committed to providing access to parent education programs and workshops to all families in Clatsop and Columbia counties to promote strong healthy families. We strive to help you provide tools for effective parenting at every developmental stage in your child's life.

For more information on parenting education and support services in Clatsop County contact North Coast Parenting at (503) 325-8673 ext. 4, visit our website or visit us on Facebook www.facebook/northcoastparenting.

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