Longview Fire was dispatched to a reported commercial fire at 3001 Industrial Way, the Weyerhaeuser facility. Initial 911 reports indicated that there was a fire in the bag house located at the planner mill. While enroute Longview Firefighters could see a column of black smoke from the intersection of Oregon Way and Industrial Way suggesting a working fire.

Upon arrival fire crews were greeted by Weyerhaeuser employees sharing that the fire was located inside of a decommissioned bag house, directly next to an operational bag house. The bag houses are both interconnected to the "Old Planer Building", a massive wooden structure (approximately 1000' X 600' X 30') where rough sawn dimensional lumber is planed into final size.

Fire resources were divided into two tactical operations, one flowing water from large diameter hand lines and another utilizing the aerial ladder truck with firefighters directing master streams from the ladder pipe while operating in the ladders bucket.

The main body of the fire was difficult to reach due to the bag housing enclosure, but extinguished within approximately 45 minutes. Once extinguished firefighters were tasked with cutting into the steel skinned bag house chasing spot fires and also making sure no burning embers entered the duct work and potentially spread to the "Old Planer Building." Firefighters utilized Class A foam to help extinguish the fires in the bag hopper.

In total 19 firefighters from Longview Fire and C2FR were utilized to extinguish the fire. Because of the decommissioned status of the bag house that burned there is no estimate of damages. Firefighters believe the nearby bag house was not damaged from the heat or fire. There were no civilian or firefighters injuries reported.  The facility was turned over to Weyerhaeuser staff at 11:30 AM for further duct work details.

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