A breaking and entering in downtown Warrenton resulted in the shooting death of one male.  What was being called a hostage situation has been clarified as a breaking and entering situation by Warrenton Police Chief Matthew Workman.  On Tuesday just before 11AM in Warrenton there were reports of a hostage situation unfolding near the intersection of SW 3rd and SW Main in an apartment above Allure Spa and Salon.  A 39-year-old male intruder broke into the upstairs apartment saying he had a gun.  The suspect is said to have known the people in the apartment.  The occupants of the home, a male and three females, locked themselves in a bedroom and called 911.  While the occupants were on the line with dispatch the suspect attempted to break into the room and was shot by the female apartment renter.  Officers did not fire any shots.  Warrenton City Mayor Mark Kujala called the incident a domestic dispute.  Please see updated story at this link.

The Major crime unit was on the scene investigating.  A middle-aged female was witnessed to be in custody at the scene, but no arrests have been made.  Warrentron Mayor Mark Kujala confirmed for KAST News that officers fired no shots. The Mayor characterized it as an isolated incident of domestic violence stressing that while the city is very concerned about the incident there is no reason for citizens to fear for their safety.  Several young females and one young male were witnessed crying at the scene.  Several agencies quickly responded to the scene including Oregon State police, Warrenton police, Astoria police, Clatsop County Sheriff's Office, Warrenton Fire Department and Medix Ambulance.  More pictures of Tuesday's scene available on our facebook page.

 Update: Warrenton Police Chief Matthew Workman releasing further details - 

[contentbox class="contentbox1"]Here is some very initial information on the shooting in Warrenton. I will try to get more out soon but am on the on my iPad and wanted to get some information out there. WPD officers were sent to an upstairs apartment at 336 S Main Ave. regarding an unwanted male subject who had entered the apartment, said he had a gun, and was threatening the residents. Four residents took shelter in a locked bedroom and remained on 911 with dispatch.

Officers arrived and were taking tactical positions when the male subject broke into the bedroom and started to attack the residents and was subsequently shot by one of the residents. Officers then entered the apartment, secured the weapons, rendered aid to the suspect until Medix and Warrenton Fire personnel arrived. The male subject was pronounced deceased at the scene.

The Clatsop County Major Crime Team was activated and is conducting the investigation. There are no other suspects, no officers fired shots, and no one else was injured. I will release more information as available.[/contentbox]

 Audio:  Mayor Mark Kujala reacts to Tuesday's shooting in downtown Warrenton


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