Traveling in other parts of the country Northwesterners are often shocked to see tons of trash littering highways.  We tend to take clean roadsides for granted to the point where a single can or wrapper left by some passing motorist sticks out immediately.

 Oregon has some strict regulations on littering but what really makes a difference is the many volunteer groups in local communities throughout Oregon and Washington that adopt a stretch of highway and take on the effort to keep the garbage off the roads.  


One such group is the Seaside Rotary Club.  Spokesman Kevin Leahy tells KAST News "The Seaside Rotary Club spent Saturday, April 27th volunteering at a Highway Cleanup Project along Highway 101 in Seaside. Sixteen volunteers from the Rotary club and community cleaned up 33 bags of trash plus several large items as part of the clubs "Adopt-a-Highway program".

This community project happens at least twice a year for the Seaside Rotary Club. There was special significance for this date as it was also Rotary International Day of Service, where Rotary clubs throughout the entire world do projects that help their local communities as well as under-served areas in third world countries."

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