Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The latest phase in the big sewer separation project for Astoria is moving along on schedule in-spite of some minor delays and by most accounts hasn't presented any large issues even though crews are working in some of the city's most heavily traveled areas.  The finishing touches will be applied to the 8th and Commercial street intersection near the end of the month when permanent pavement markers will be placed.  The contractor, Tapani, indicates this will take between and 8 and 10 hours to finish.  The intersection reopened to traffic on time even with a slight delay when crews discovered some old trolley tracks under the original pavement that had to be documented. 

The work on 8th street heading up the hill from Commercial street continues to Franklin though mid-May.  At the same time work to replace sewer pipe on 1oth street continues.  Tapani issues regular progress reports to the city and that information is posted on the city website.  Anyone may sign up for email updates on the project from the city on line as well.  The entire 11th street CSO project is expected to be completed by November 2013.  Then it's on to planning for the next phase in this project to separate stormwater run-off from sewer water in other areas of the city.

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