The 2013 poster art for Astoria Sunday Market features fruit and vegetable
carvings by award-winning chef and artist Jimmy Zhang. He created the iconic images of the
trolley, Astoria-Megler Bridge and Columbia River using green radish, butternut squash,
eggplant, zucchini, carrots, and acorn squash.

Chef Zhang is founder of Art Chef, Inc. He graduated from the Culinary Arts Institute in
China in 1989 as a chef with a personal interest in the ancient fruit and vegetable carving
art. Through his diligence and a strong desire to master the art, Chef Zhang excelled in his
artistic creations within a couple years and began teaching edible art carving classes
in 1993.

Chef Zhang has won many championship titles in a number of professional fruit and vegetable
carving competitions in China at both the Province and National level and has been recognized
as one of the best fruit and vegetable carving art chefs in China.

In 1998, Chef Zhang came to the United States making his mark in the US professional culinary
carving world with his unique talents and his vast experience in the Chinese art of fruit and
vegetable carving. Chef Zhang has earned many medals for top positions at the American Culinary
Competition and Professional Chef Competition in this country. Aside from teaching and
practicing this amazing ancient carving art, Chef Zhang strives daily in seeking new ways to
improve his techniques to take his artistry to the next level. He lives in the San Francisco
Bay Area of California where he teaches his carving skills to professionals and hobbyists.

Astoria Sunday Market approached Chef Zhang earlier this winter about creating images that best
reflect Astoria for use in its 2013 poster art. He enthusiastically embraced the challenge and
came up with a scene incorporating the trolley, Astoria-Megler Bridge and the Columbia River.
His art now graces the cover of the annual Market and Downtown Shopping Guide and is featured
on the rack card and the Market website at

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