State Senator Betsy Johnson will undergo surgery at a Portland Hospital after being hurt in an auto accident.   Monday morning around 7:50am Johnson was making a very familiar trip back to her office at the state capitol from her home in Scappoose when she was involved in what has been described as a low impact accident involving another driver.  Spokesman Micheal Desmond told KAST news Tuesday morning that the Senator didn't realize she was injured until she tried to exit her vehicle attempting to help the driver of the other car. She said she found she couldn't stand and her leg seemed injured.  She was taken to a Portland Hospital where it was found she suffered a broken pelvis and that surgery will be necessary. Her procedure is scheduled for Wednesday.  Meanwhile, Desmond says she is trying to conduct business from her hospital bed and he says she told him she is surprised by all the attention she has been getting over the accident.  Desmond says that as of last night a blog about the accident that he posted on Johnson's social media site had received over 5700 views when ordinarily they see a few hundred.  Desmond says she is awake and very responsive and just concerned about getting back to work as soon as possible.  Desmond says she would prefer not to receive flowers from well wishers as that can lead to complications with a law that says any gift she would receive over $50 must be reported.  Get well cards are welcome though and those can be sent to her Scappoose office at  PO Box R, Scappoose, OR 97056.

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