Would you like to see more bike lanes? How would you feel about changing some of the streets downtown to make them two-way? Would you like to see more connectivity between different forms of transportation in the city? Those are the kinds of topics that will be discussed at a special meeting set for the Liberty Theater MacTavish room Wednesday evening April 24th.

Doors will open at 5:15pm and the event starts with a presentation from the Transportation Plan team with an overview of the established goals and objectives of the plan, will talk about existing conditions related to transportation, discuss findings so far on walking and biking in the city and will share information on the progress of a plan that envisions transportation systems over the next 20 years.

Following the presentation participants will be invited to get into some details with the consultants and the city staff at workstations that will be set up around the room with each one devoted to a different aspect of city transportation planning.  Astoria Community development Director Brett Estes told KAST News that this will be a good opportunity to address specific concerns, or ask questions about the city plan by talking one-on-one with the people responsible for formulating the final plan that will be presented to the city council at a later date for adoption.

The city of Astoria has published nine different plans covering different aspects of community development and all are on the new city website  under the Community Development Department.  The new transportation plan would be devised to fit with all those other plans as the city looks to future projects and pursues funding opportunities.

The Transportation System Plan is a state requirement and would be used in cooperation with the Oregon Department Of Transportation

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