A report of a burglary in progress at a residence in the unincorporated area outside Warrenton resulted in the arrest of three subjects with criminal charges pending on a fourth subject, Wednesday evening. Clatsop County Deputy Walker responding to the report, located LEVI DENNIS BROOME DOB: 07/12/83, at the residence.


As the Deputy Walker was investigating, a vehicle arrived at the residence. Deputy Walker contacted the occupants of the vehicle, CODY JOSEPH OSTERMEIER DOB: 01/10/90 and LINDSEY MARIE ORDWAY DOB: 07/11/90. The following investigation revealed all three subjects had been to the residence multiple times and had removed items including personal documents, tools, currency, ammunition and multiple firearms from the residence. BROOME, OSTERMEIER and ORDWAY all admitted having used METHAMPHETAMINE recently and ORDWAY was found to be in possession of METHAMPHETAMINE. Deputy Walker also learned stolen property as well as METHAMPHETAMINE could be located at a residence located in the Sunset RV Park, 33242 Sunset Beach Lane Space 11-A, Warrenton, Oregon. BROOME was arrested and charged with Theft I and Burglary I. OSTERMEIER was also arrested and charged with Theft I and Burglary I. ORDWAY was arrested and charged with Theft I and Burglary I as well as Unlawful Possession of METHAMPHETAMINE. BROOME, OSTERMEIER and ORDWAY were all arrested and lodged at the Clatsop County Jail.

Deputy Walker obtained a search warrant for the recovery of the stolen property and illegal drugs at the Sunset Beach Lane residence. Clatsop County Drug Task Force detectives with the assistance of Clatsop County deputies contacted JACALYN INEZ CLARK DOB: 01/21/86 at the residence and executed the search warrant. Detectives located and recovered two firearms, ammunition, tools, currency and personal documents. CLARK was also in possession of METHAMPHETAMINE. CLARK was released with charges of Theft by Receiving and Possession of a Controlled Substance METHAMPHETAMINE, forwarded to the District Attorney for prosecution.

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