Around 1993 an anonymous donor placed a life size pink concrete pig in a gravel area on the northwest corner of the public safety building. It was dropped off in the dead of night and no one ever claimed responsibility. While some believe that there was a backhanded message in the pig, the department embraced it and left it where it was. After twenty years of being in the weather the pig had deteriorated significantly. It's ears had separated from the body and it had severe pitting. It was a sad sight.

The pig, despite its decrepit condition, accompanied the police department in its recent move to the Yacht Club. The Yacht Club was good to the Pig giving it an indoor location free from all the harsh conditions. However, it did not make the return trip. Instead, it remained at the Yacht Club where Eagle Scout candidate Michael Peden, age 16, restored the pig as part of his eagle scout project. The concrete surface was repaired, the ears reattached, and the pig was repainted.

On April 17, 2013 the pig made its return to the Public Safety Building. It now holds a prominent position at the entrance to the police department parking area watching the comings and goings of police officers, sitting on a concrete pad at the northeast corner of the building.

Since the department personnel have seen countless visitors photographing the pig, it seems only right that we put it in a more prominent place.

Both Michael Peden and the Astoria Police Department would like to recognized local businesses that contributed supplies and equipment. The businesses include Astoria City Lumber, Al Jaques, NW Ready Mix, City Transfer, and Astoria Granite Works.

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