Oregon State Police attempting to stop a speeding motorcycle on highway 30 near Claremont Road last night around 10:50pm. He was driving 65mp3 in a 45mph zone. The driver of the motorcycle attempting to flee from the officer at speeds in excess of 100mph. The driver weaving through traffic at a high rate of speed passing several vehicles in no passing zones.

The driver finally turning off onto Claremont Road and then further onto a logging road. The motorcycle was found abandoned. Troopers then conducting a foot search. Shortly after the motorcycle, a Yamaha R6L, was abandoned the subject was taken into custody at his residence. Officers arresting Adam Kauppi, age 27, of Astoria. He was cited and released. He was charged with Attempt to elude, Two reckless driving charges, Duii with a BAC of .02 and Speeding among other charges.


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