On April 4, 2013 at 3:00pm Officer Ray Ayers was going on-duty for his patrol shift when he turned his department-issued cell phone on. Officer Ayers immediately received a text message notification and voicemail notification. Upon checking the text message and voicemail Officer Ayers was surprised to read that a woman named "Diana" had some "stuff" and wanted to know if he wanted some. Officer Ayers then listened to the voicemail and again found that the message was from "Diana" stating she had some "blue 30 milligram" if asked he could "help her out." Officer Ayers was not sure if the text and voicemail were a joke or a mistake but knew the reference to "blue" was for the prescription medication oxycodone.

Officer Ayers decided to play along with Diana and replied to the text message that he was interested. Throughout his shift he and Diana texted back and forth determining what type of drugs she had to offer, how much she would charge, and eventually where to meet. The plan was to meet at the Warrenton Fred Meyer and complete the deal. Officer Ayers along with another WPD officer and two deputies from the Clatsop County Sheriff's Office remained concealed until a vehicle arrived in the area. After another text message about where exactly to meet, at approximately 2:45am Officer Ayers and the deputies walked to the arranged location and found a Diana Cochran, age 48 from Longview, WA waiting.

After a brief conversation with Cochran and confirming that it was Cochran's cell phone that Officer Ayer's had been communicating with, Cochran agreed to a consent search. Officers discovered Cochran to be in possession of methamphetamine, marijuana, prescription drugs, and various drug paraphernalia. Cochran told Officer Ayers that she was previously given his cell phone number at a hotel by a man named "Wayne" and that she thought she had been conversing with "Wayne." Cochran was arrested and charged with Attempted Delivery of Marijuana (Class A Misdemeanor), Attempted Delivery of Oxycodone (Class B Felony), and Possession of Controlled Substance – Meth (Class C Felony). Cochran was booked into the Clatsop County Jail on the charges.

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