The warning signs are up, the crews are ready, and the city public works department is set for it.   Now it's a matter of time and patience as the city of Astoria begins the latest phase of the big CSO separation project that will cause multiple disruptions and traffic delays in the downtown area beginning Monday April 1.

City engineer Cindy Moore has been working on public outreach for months now and, along with Public Works Director Ken Cook, was a guest on the KAST morning show with Tom Freel Thursday to discuss more details on the project that will start Monday with the closure of the 8th and Commercial street intersection.  Moore said the intersection will be closed for 22 days as crews demolish the current asphalt intersection, replace all the pipes underneath and then build it back into a new concrete intersection.  The plan calls for the hearty concrete unstead of asphalt because it is better able to withstand the grinding when big rigs make that big turn onto Astoria's main street.

Once the intersection is completed then crews will turn attention to the job of replacing the entirety of 8th street from the intersection all the way to Niagra.  The work will include taking out the sidewalks and road surface, removal of the old piping systems for water,sewer, and natural gas lines then rebuilding the street and the sidewalks.  That will take months but it's not the only street that will be under construction.  The rest of the project will not require total street demolition for streets like 11th.  Instead crews will trench down through one lane leaving on lane open for travel.  The map below details where construction will take place and also details the detour that will be in place beginning April 1.  For additional details the city has provided a special page on their website HERE

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