State Representative Deborah Boone reports that several of her bills are progressing through the Oregon House this session. HB 2182, which would designate September 27th as the First Responder Appreciation Day, received unanimous support on the House Floor, and is now on the Senate side awaiting a floor vote. This bill idea originated in Colorado, and is a national effort to recognize those community members who stand ready 24 hours a day to come to the aid of their community.

HB 2183, relates to the Earthquake Drill Requirement for public agencies and large employers. Currently an annual drill is required during the month of April. While yearly drills would still be required, this bill would allow them to be scheduled at a time deemed appropriate by the agency or business. HB 2183 also received a unanimous House Floor vote, and is now waiting for a Senate floor vote.

HB 2694 would require ocean energy developers to share sea floor mapping data with the Oregon State University Oregon Territorial Sea Mapping Project. I have been working on this mapping effort since 2005, when the Ocean Policy Advisory Council was informed that seafloor information is vital when planning for earthquake and tsunami inundation. In the past eight years scientists have mapped 54% of the state's territorial sea, but in some cases energy developers have mapped the same area multiple times. By sharing the data, this would avoid duplication of the effort, allowing OSU researchers to target areas more effectively. This bill passed in the House this week, with a 41-14 vote, and moves to the Senate.

House Joint Memorial 3 is the Local Seafood Marketing Initiative, and is a Pacific Fisheries Legislative Task force effort directing Congress to promote the sale of Oregon Seafood. Similar legislation is being introduced in the states of Washington, Alaska, Idaho and California to promote their seafood products. Lawmakers saw the obvious value to our economy, and unanimously approved this measure on a House vote, HJM 3 has now moved to the Senate.

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