The Pacific Fishery Management Council (PFMC) has just finalized and made available Preseason Report II for the 2013 ocean salmon season development. This document describes the range of alternatives for ocean salmon seasons as developed at the March PFMC meeting.   Preseason Report II can be found at  

According to the report, the purpose of this action, implementation of the 2013 ocean salmon fishery management measures, is to allow fisheries to harvest surplus production of healthy natural and hatchery salmon stocks within the
constraints specified under the Salmon FMP, the Pacific Salmon Treaty (PST), and consultation standards established for salmon stocks listed under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). In achieving this purpose,
management measures must take into account the allocation of harvest among different user groups and port areas. Without this action, 2012 management measures would be in effect, which do not consider
changes in abundance of stocks in the mixed stock ocean salmon fisheries. Therefore, this action is needed to ensure constraining stocks are not overharvested and that harvest of abundant stocks can be
optimized and achieve the most overall benefit to the nation

A public hearing will be held on Monday evening at 7:00PM at the Red Lion Inn in Coos Bay to accept testimony on the alternatives.  Additional hearings are scheduled for Eureka, CA and Westport, WA, and details on these hearings can be found on the PFMC website.

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