Saturday, May 28, 2016

A man who killed a teenager and a woman in Portland had been released months earlier from the Clatsop County Jail in Astoria because of overcrowding. District Attorney Josh Marquis says Mark Beebout was convicted of failing to register as a sex offender and faced 14 months in prison. But he was released last May as an overflow inmate and failed to return to court for sentencing. In June he killed a 15-year-old San Diego girl he met at a Portland homeless shelter. In July Beebout killed a volunteer from the same shelter. Beebout pleaded guilty to aggravated murders and was sentenced last week to life in prison.

Clatsop County voters have repeatedly rejected measures to build a larger county jail facility.  The latest was a measure that would have increased the capacity of the jail by moving out the Sheriff's office to the old county transition center in Warrenton and building an addition to the current jail building.

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