The Big Year is a 2011 comedy film starring Steve Martin, Jack Black and Owen Wilson that tells the story of a real-life event that takes place worldwide annually where birders compete for the honor of spotting the most bird species in a 12 month period.  It's a tremendous undertaking that often involves travel throughout the planet in search of rare birds as well has common ones that may inhabit your backyard.  The film has sparked some new interest in the hobby of birdwatching and if you happen to be one of those who would like to give it a try you may want to get involved with the first Clatsop County Birdathon.  In a 12 hour period- 7:00am to 7:00pm- on April 13, 2013, teams and individuals will be scouring Clatsop County or their own back yard for as many species of birds as possible to raise money for the Wildlife Center of the North Coast. The NOC Birdathon is a great way to make new friends and connect with other bird lovers.  It's a wonderful activity for kids and adults, beginners to experts.

The organizers say a Birdathon is similar to a walkathon but rather than raising funds per mile, they raise funds per bird species observed.  Anyone can participate: expert birders, casual birdwatchers and beginners too.  The North Oregon Coast Birdathon was created as part of the Twelve Days of Earth Day celebration in Cannon Beach. All donations go to Wildlife Center of the North Coast to help with the rehab of birds. For more information go to:


Northwest Lending Group