On March 16, 2013 Astoria Police Department responded to a report of vandalism at the Astoria Middle School. They found a significant amount of damage to the school. There were: Comments relating to drug use, sexual orientation of staff and students, descriptions of sexual acts and drawings of genitals on walls, floors, cloth bulletin boards, and on instruments;Fire extinguishers discharged in the band room and several instruments damaged;Packing peanuts, reams of paper, shredding, and unknown fluids spread across the floor in several parts of the building; Posters that were student art projects were vandalized with additional writing on them or ripped and thrown on the floor.Doors were broken and bent;The school food cart had been broken into and food stolen;Lockers were broken into; andGarbage was dumped into the hallways;Someone had ridden a bicycle inside the halls of the schools leaving the floors marred.

A damage total has not yet been obtained but is expected to be significant. Many surfaces written on require replacement or refurbishment. Several drum heads, and at least one instrument need replaced and staff time was required just to get the school ready to accept students on Monday morning.

As a result of follow up on another incident at the school Friday night Astoria Police have identified 12 suspects in the case. At least 9 have admitted to some involvement. Only one is over 18 years old. Astoria Police continue to investigate the matter and will be referring the incident to the Clatsop County Juvenile Department and the Clatsop County District Attorney's Office.

Because the damage was done during a time the school was closed and not open to the public, students, or anyone other than staff the suspects face the potential charge of Burglary II.

Anyone with information into the burglary should contact School Resource Officer Matt Clausen at 503.325-4411 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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