We've been driving or walking all over a piece of Astoria history for years and never noticed. The many manholes throughout the city each have a heavy iron cover, many of which bear the mark of local foundries long gone.  Astoria resident Fred White appeared before the Astoria City Council during their special meeting Wednesday morning to show the council pictures of various manhole covers in the city that were all made here at one pint or another.  Some bear the stamp of Astoria Machine Works, Astoria Foundry or Scow Bay Foundry.  White said that after some discussin with local preservationist John Goodenberger he felt it would be important to make sure that during the upcoming rebuild of some streets and underground lines for the 11th street CSO project that these historic "made in Astoria" objects not be scraped and instead suggested that any that are not reused be held and then be put on display in some fashion.  The council agreed and directed Public Works to make sure none are disposed of and are instead held until a plan can be developed.  It was suggested that some provision be made for the unused covers within the Heritage Square Project.  

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