The Astoria City Council will meet Wednesday morning at 11:30am to award the contracts for the 11th street CSO project which is set to begin April 1.  The big project will begin with the replacement of the intersection at 8th and Commercial and a detour around the project which is expected to be completed 21 days after the closure begins.  The intersection will undergo a complete rebuild replacing the underground pipes and building up a concrete surface to replace the often potholed asphalt where grinding truck tires quickly destroy asphalt making the swing onto Commercial street.

Following the completion of the intersection work will begin to replace 8th street entirely from it's intersection with 8th to the top of hill on Niagara.  The city plan calls for the street work to take place three blocks at a time and the estimated construction will take about three weeks per block to replace aging waterlines and lay new pipe that will lead to a storm water outfall.  A number of catch basins will be replaced with some of those re-engineered after it was found that at least one of those collectors didn't seem to have any outfall connections.  Work on other streets through the downtown area should only involve trenching the streets to allow for the installation of new storm water pipe rather than entire rebuilds.  The entire 11th street project is targeted for completion in November 2013.

With Wednesdays action the city will be accepting the bid of a contractor and consultant for the project and that means more specific information will be available for residential homeowners and businesses about the timeline for work on specific sections.  In those cases, particularly for homeowners on 8th street it could mean not having driveway access as street demolition and reconstruction is taking place block by block.

The city has established an information page on the city website that will contain updates on the project and residents can register for email updates on that page :


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