Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Oregon State University Clatsop County Extension Service is offering a workshop to help you learn to defend yourself and your property in case of a wildfire.  Did you know that 10 of the largest fires in Oregon history occurred west of the Cascade Mountains?   Do you live in the wild-land-urban interface or WUI?  The WUI has been defined as areas where structures and other human development meet or intermingle with undeveloped wildland and forests.  That beautiful setting for your home can be dangerous in cases of wildfire.  Learn about protecting your home and your family from wildfire.  The session will cover the history of wildfire along the central Oregon coast and Coast Range, wildfire behavior, and methods to mitigate your risks by setting up defensible zones that include, vegetation control, landscaping with fire-resistant plants, construction materials and more.  Registration deadline is Thursday, March 21st.  The registration fee is $20 to cover the costs of handouts and refreshments.  Register at the OSU Clatsop County Extension office at 2001 Marine Drive, Astoria or download a registration form:


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