On March 8, 2013 at 5:38 pm the Astoria Police Department received a call of a male walking in the area of 17th and Marine Drive toward downtown. The subject was contacted and officers asked him to stop his behavior that was causing people to call. At 5:53 Astoria Police received another call about the same person. He was now throwing his backpack and screaming.

Officers arrived and contacted Mathew Ruljancich, age 24 of Astoria. Ruljancich is well known tot he Astoria Police Department. He has been contacted many times and has at times displayed very irrational behavior. Officers attempted to communicate with Ruljancich they found that they could not communicate with him since he was saying things that did not make sense to the officers. He was dressed in shorts and a tank top yet sweating profusely in the 50 degree temperatures.

As the officers were trying to communicate with Ruljancich he began moving toward the state highway. Officers told Ruljancich he was under arrest but he made no signs of complying. Officers tried to use control techniques but he pulled away from them. Officer Andrew Randall used his Taser to cause Ruljancich to comply. Sergeant Nicole Riley was able to get Ruljancich in handcuffs while he as under the control of the Taser. After the effects of the Taser ended both Officer Randall and Sergeant Riley had to hold down Ruljancich even though he was handcuffed.

After a time Ruljancich stopped struggling and the officers sat him up. While Sergeant Riley was  getting names of witnesses. Ruljancich broke free from Officer Randall. Officer Randall was able to catch Ruljancich and with the help of an unidentified passerby tackled Ruljancich. Officer Randall escorted Ruljancich to the patrol car and was trying to put him in the vehicle. Ruljancich began pushing back against Officer Randall and grabbing at him. With some struggle the officers were able to get Ruljancich into the vehicle.

He was put into the car and then taken to Columbia Memorial Hospital to be cleared medically so that he could be lodged. After over 4 hours of observation he was cleared and transported to the Clatsop County Jail where he was lodged on charges of Disorderly Conduct II, 3 counts of Resisting Arrest, Escape II, and 2 counts of Escape III.

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