Heritage Square gets it first installations with construction taking place this week. Parking on the west side was closed down and a large construction trailer has been placed next to the American Legion building in preparation for staging the equipment that will begin digging up the corner of 11th and Duane, the site for the long awaited "Garden Of Surging Waves" , intended to commemorate the early Chinese contributions to the area.  Robinson construction company will be adding fencing to protect the site and the city says that the sidewalks will remain open during construction.  The garden will be installed in sequences designed to construct the foundations and footings that will later carry the structures planned for the site which will include a central open pavilion and patterned walkways. The first sequence will include some of the artwork that has been in storage and the installation of some of the benches.  If enough money can be raised the construction would continue into the next sequence which would see more structures and landscaping details added.  If the funding runs out then construction would be halted and restarted to add more sequences in the total design until the project is completed.

Northwest Lending Group