Friday afternoon a person who had been shopping at the Astoria Safeway store called Police and reported that three kids were leaving the store with mini kegs of beer. Astoria Police Responded to the area and found two of the three suspects. When confronted by Officer Matt Clausen two of the suspects took off on foot from the northwest corner of Safeway. One was caught in the lot owned by Bee-Line Roofing at 461 32nd Street. A second suspect was caught hiding in old storage units behind Columbia Veterinary Hospital. Both of these subjects 15 years old. They were released to their parents after consulting with the Clatsop County Juvenile Department. Both subjects were Theft III, Disorderly Conduct, Criminal Trespass II, Tampering with Evidence, Failure to Obey a Police Officer, Minor in Possession of Alcohol and Littering within a 1000 feet of a waterway, and one was charged with Resisting Arrest.

At 2:27 PM a Safeway employee called to report that two male juveniles had just grabbed beer and food items and run out the door. Astoria Police Responded. Officer Chris McNeary was walking out the back door of the police department when he saw one subject run up 30th street toward Marine Drive. He followed the subject watching him go up the path from Marine to Grand on 30th but lost sight of the subject on the trail. Officer McNeary and Sergeant Brian Aydt found the two suspects one age 14 and one age 15 in the basement of a house at the intersection of Grand and 30th. They were taken into custody and returned to the Astoria Police Department. The 15 year old had a Misdemeanor Warrant from Tillamook County, he was also a runaway. He was cooperative throughout his contact. He was charged with Theft III and Minor in Possession of Alcohol. the The 14 year old was identified as the third subject in the first theft from Safeway that got away. While in custody at the police department he became combative. He was charged with Minor in Possession (two counts), Theft III (two counts), Criminal Mischief II, Criminal Trespass II, Interfering With a Police Officer, and Resisting Arrest (three counts). After consulting with the Clatsop County Juvenile Department he was released to his mother.

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