On Thursday February 28th at 3:20 p.m., Seaside Police responded to the Oceanfront Motel to assist management with a renter who was suppose to be out by Noon and had not vacated the room. The manager said that she knocked on the door and announced she was the manager several times with no answer but that she suspected someone was in the room.


Officers were present when she entered the room, finding a female later identified as Kimberly Reynolds, age 23 of Seaside inside. Reynolds was not the renter of the room and was cited for Criminal Trespass. During their contact with Reynolds, officers observed multiple DVD players and recorders, a TV and a grey "Garmin" brand GPS Device. Officers had been briefed when they came on shift about a GPS device reported stolen from a vehicle. The Garmin resembled what was described at briefing and when they called the victim from the earlier theft, he described the GPS device perfectly.
Based on this information one officer secured the room while the other went to obtain a Search Warrant. While officers were tied up working on the Search Warrant, a Clatsop County Sheriff's deputy assisted Seaside Police in taking a burglary investigation in the 2300 block of S. Edgewood.
Officers obtained their Search Warrant and while completing their search, the deputy contacted them at the motel room. During his contact he recognized items in the room as those reported taken in the burglary investigation he just completed. The burglary victim was asked to come to the motel and positively identified the property belonging to him.
Officers ended up recovering both items taken in the theft from vehicle and the burglary. Police have identified suspects in both cases however no arrests have been made and the investigation is on going.

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