The Seaside City Council wants to improve communications between the city and citizens and other groups as a key principal guiding them over the next few years.  The council has adopted a set of goals that outline those matters Council feels are the most important over the next two to four years with a few strategic directions beyond that time.


One of the key items identified for the next two years is making a decision on the proposed expansion of the Seaside Civic and Convention Center which has been the subject of planning and discussion for several years.  The Council also makes a commitment to read the city sign ordinance and have a work session with the city Planning Commission on the topic at some point.  The last short term goal is to design and implement a visioning process.  Visioning is usually a basic framework from which a governing body seeks public opinion about a number of issues, holds several meetings to compile wish lists of projects, and then that input is put into a form for future action planning.  An effective visioning process can guide the city for many years.

Another set of goals is established by Seaside to address over the next four year period and that would include a needs analysis of the Bob Chisholm Community Center, Consideration of annexation and future urban renewal district lands south of current city limits and, create a storm water master plan.

Beyond the four year period the council would focus attention on the creation of an emergency action plan and support ongoing emergency preparedness efforts, commit to upgrade major equipment for the Fire Department and, complete the upgrade of Holladay Street from 2nd to 12th Ave.

At a January 19th goal setting session the seven member council discussed a number of other ideas that didn't make the short list of focused goals but are items that might surface over time.  There was some discussion of changing the meeting agendas to place public comment periods at the end of the agenda, explore pedestrian bridges, have some welcome signage stetching across Broadway at highway 101, spruce up the city trash cans, invite County Commissioners to come to City Council meetings and perhaps establish quarterly meetings with the county. Designing a city flag was another idea the council talked about. 


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